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Ghost Pirates


Come aboard Matey, no need to be scared!

Set against a backdrop of a murky green sea, the Ghost Pirates Ship will help you find riches beyond your wildest dreams! Reminiscent of the adventures of the Pirates of the Caribbean, Ghost Pirates is a revolutionary 5 reel online slot game with a difference. Not only are the vivid 3D graphics lifelike and on a par with Disney animation, Ghost Pirates brings you a new and more innovative way to play slots.

Instead of the traditional pay lines this game gives you more ways to win. In simple terms, Players can select from 2, 9, 27, 81 or 243 ways to win using a single wager system which involves smaller wagers than that of a line based slot. It includes classic features such as wilds and scatters and provides free spins to lucky shipmates too. T

here are two sets of prizes for each winning combination with one set allocated to players wagering 3 to 81 ways and a larger prize fund for players wagering the maximum 243 ways. The game also includes wild symbol, The Jolly Roger skull works when using any wager and can substitute for any single symbol during normal and free spins.

For more information please see the Paytable and the Help section of the game.

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